never miss another expiry date ...
Service supplied by BMK Enterprises, Inverness, Scotland

Road tax and MOT expiry reminder service.

BMK enterprises offer the following service:

Road Tax and MOT reminder service.

Do you know when your road tax is due ?
Do you know when your MOT is due?
Do you require to budget for one or both of the above ?

Whether you do or not , why not print off a tax disc type reminder and affix to your windscreen.

This will be seen easily and remind you of the dates to be aware of.

Follow the simple instructions below, have your MOT and road tax expiry date along with a suitable payment card ready; do not get caught out again!

This service is available to any person, transport manager, fleet manager, or whoever deals with the care and maintenance of vehicles and equipment where tax and MOT applies. Do not rely on postal reminders, text reminders or any other type of reminder! This is a service which is straight forward and easy to follow.

When next changing your vehicle ask your motor dealer to assist you in obtaining a reminder disc when collecting your new vehicle. Your dealer can provide you with a disk holder for fixing to your windscreen.

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